Case Study: The Biltong Shop

The Biltong Shop is an Amersham-based store & online business specialising in authentic South African Biltong & Droewors.

Our initial partnership was a one-off fix for an elusive checkout bug their previous developer could not replicate or fix, as it occurred only in certain circumstances when not logged in. The bug prevented customers from checking out online, so the fix was time-sensitive.

Once backend access was provided, this bug was fixed in 17 minutes, and a full technical explanation was provided via email. Following this, a series of one-off feature upgrades were implemented – including a Subscription service.

We now work together on an ongoing partnership basis, where feature upgrades (such as an in-store collection feature) and Digital Marketing is fully managed (e.g. PPC, and social)

Siaan, the Director, kindly left a fantastic review on Google


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