Hi, Iā€™m Siobhan šŸ‘‹

I’m the Founder of Epicure Creative, and I have over 15 years of eCommerce and tech experience. My expertise spans securing deals with large household name retailers for B2B businesses, to software engineering and web development, design, guerilla marketing, and modern digital marketing.

What I bring to the table is a combination of 4 things

  1. Knowing what not to do (where many businesses waste time and resources that could be more effectively applied elsewhere)
  2. Consistency & execution – this is often where overstretched resources and the best intentions and customer insights can fail to produce results if not actioned in a predictable fashion.
  3. Best practices that will set you up for success, and elevating them with good design and thoughtfulness that puts the customers needs front and centre.
  4. Extensive eCommerce and software engineering experience – technical implementation of new features and systems sits seamlessly with my Design & Marketing expertise

I work directly with clients, and my office buddies are two Rhodesian Ridgebacks Zuri and Maynard, who if you know the breed, are gigantic lap-dogs with bottomless stomachs and will steal your carefully-prepared lunch in a heartbeat.

What do I do better than everyone else?

Communication and execution – You’ll always be treated as a priority. Emails are replied to and actions taken to resolve queries or implement requests in hours, not weeks. In my fully done-for-you service, you can be thinking about adding a new collection feature, or trade portal to your website. Then, as I’ve done in the past – action will be taken within days for the feature to be complete.

I’m passionate about supporting my clients to bring the very best to their customers and grow sustainably. The best marketing strategies are multi-faceted, in a world where advertising platforms are constantly tweaking algorithms and pricing. So easily, what was once a profitable channel leading to a well-oiled funnel, is now struggling to return profitability.

Why “Epicure”?

Epicure means “a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink.” I’m a true foodie at heart, and I love working with people that work in industries that bring joy to their customers. With Epicure Creative, this just happens to be human-focused industries such as Food & Beverage, Tourism & Hospitality. If making people smile and feel good about themselves is what you do, I’m on board to help you do more of that.

I provide two main services through Epicure Creative

  1. A fully done-for-you service once your website is stable which spans marketing, website maintenance, ongoing feature development and technical customer support. This allows my clients to focus on their product development, and the actual running of their business without needing to hire multiple people full-time. It’s cost-effective compared to hiring and training people yourself. It’s also demonstrably effective in terms of mental load and return-on-investment. It allows me to be creative – I’m constantly dreaming up new ways to delight your customers and improve your online presence, reach new partners or stockists, and train your staff.
  2. A feature-based service – if you’re in need of a boost in a particular area, such as adding loyalty and subscriptions to your website and supporting this with a PR campaign or PPC, I’ll provide this, with added support for a period of months to capture data about how efficient the new service is at reaching your top-level goals, and to tweak the supplementary marketing to get the best out of the feature.

The Origins of Epicure Creative

I started the early version of Epicure Creative as a WordPress & WooCommerce technical freelancer, and I started off building custom themes in code, which was at the time the best way I knew to get a website to look unique (which I now understand is the least of the problem when it comes to growing a business online). Since then I took what was a general freelance website developer business that produced custom sites for all industries, and evolved it into a niche business operating in a smaller number of industries, as I could see that I could produce bigger and better results by obtaining and applying niche knowledge. I then grew the specialist areas to include digital marketing (SEO & PPC), content creation, brand and marketing design and more.

Alongside Epicure Creative, I also work as a Senior Software Engineer for an advocacy and loyalty company – developing software that encourages customers of large businesses to advocate and recommend products and services that they love to their friends and family – as key cornerstone of organic growth.

What this website is for

This website serves two purposes. Firstly, you can learn more about me, and the work that Epicure Creative does, to understand if we might be a good fit. We’re not an old-school agency where we bill for narrow services. SEO can’t be done in isolation from product data analysis to understand which customers are buying what, and why. Or, reworking your funnels to capture and take advantage of any increase in traffic).

The second purpose of this information is to provide you with value and through that value, provide thought leadership and better knowledge throughout the industry I operate in can help to raise standards for consumers in general, and elevate and empower many people operating within those industries (a win-win for everyone).

This website provides information to allow you to compete and win online and offline in the form of digital resources that you can take and apply to your own business whether you’re not ready to or need to work with an agency. I have a huge amount to share, and Epicure Creative can’t work with everyone – even if you threw handfuls of cash at me! We only take on clients whereby working directly with us can we provide you with results.


Many of the insights and expertise we have can be applied effectively to your business regardless of your niche. If you’re reading this and there isn’t a newsletter popup or gifting section on your website – go ahead and implement these standard things immediately. Building your own subscriber list will help you to remarket to these customers who might not be familiar enough with your business to buy today, and people who fit the gifting profile often want a curated area of items of a range of prices and checkout options off handwritten notes etc – they don’t want to hunt around on your website.

Overwhelm causes people to close the browser window and do something else – we live in a time of complete digital overwhelm, so we want to make making a buying decision easier. Your website needs to build trust, and effectively allow people to start a digital relationship with you even if they’re not ready to commit yet. I utilise many of these principles in my own business – I build trust with useful content and insight so I effectively signal my competence and expertise, and I sell my services ethically – only to people who want and can benefit from them.

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